02/03/2008 11:46pm

Just so all of you out there reading this know who I am, Tom is my best friend.
Tom, I really like your new site you have set up it looks great and is easy to manuver. This is going right into my favorites. Keep up the great job and I agree completely with Tom on the review for the movie 1408.

07/04/2008 3:12pm

like your reviews....what about putting the most recent ones in a separate file so folks could scan those rather than have to look for them, one by one, by first letter of the name of each current movie.

Takia Yuille
03/04/2009 1:10am

Hey! I'm so proud of you and all your accomplishments! You're such a GREAT person and deserve NOTHING but the best! Love the website! Keep up the good work Tom! *muah*

03/08/2009 8:05am

great review of the "curious case of benjamin button". i agree completely with you, tom, about the way that everything just seemed to come together on this movie. also, until you said it in your review, i did not realize that i had also the same emotional reaction as you describe: that as soon as benjamin meets daisy, there is a strange sense of foreboding because you know it can not end up as a fairy tale ending with everyone living "happily ever after"!

08/29/2009 11:07am

your review of 500 summers makes me want to go see this movie, while your review of gi joe tells me to stay away unless i am desperate for an action flick.
i appreciate how you give a warning at the beginning of one of your reviews that alerts the reader that if they read the review, it may take some of the suspense out of going to the movie. nice touch. thanks.

12/06/2009 7:58pm

Excellent writing Tom! I will definitely use your site. I was interested in seeing "Goats" and you covered it well. Thanks!

Peter Rowe
12/07/2009 5:28pm

Awesome site, Tom! And I totally agree with your review of "Drag Me to Hell" -- let's force your dad to watch it!
PS -- Are you going to review some of the classics out on DVD? How about "The Wild Bunch"?

Bob W
12/14/2009 7:52am

Tom - I really enjoyed your reviews. Dead on. I'm adding this to my favorites.

03/16/2010 6:36am

Where's a review on Jurrasic Park and your personal experience running for your life from a raptor??

03/16/2010 7:05am

I loved your review on Avatar. I thought it was a wonderful movie. Your reviews are well written and your site is easy to maneuver. Good job...when are you going to review Twilight?! j/k

09/16/2010 10:09pm

Awesome sight Tom! Hope your well!
Savannah McClain

09/16/2010 10:10pm

Haha meant to say insight. Stupid smart phone. My thumbs don't work properly after 10pm.


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